DIY : Mason Jar Drop Lights

I’ve been eyeing the Edison style drop lights for a while now, and today I decided it was time I brought the style into our apartment. The project was actually pretty easy, and I’m really happy with the outcome.

1. Edison bulb; These can be found at Anthropologie, but I found this one for about half the price at Butter Home , in the Melrose Market.
2. Cord kit; I bought this one on sale a while ago at UO, but they have them everywhere, including Ikea.
3. Vintage mason jar; I found this particular one at the Seattle Trading Post.
4. Cordless Drill (my baby)
5. Pliers
6. Hammer

1. Drill holes as close together to one another as possible, around a traced circle.
2. Hammer the middle to pop out the center, and use the pliers to bend jagged edges.
3. Attach the cord by unscrewing the plastic top and sliding the lid one. Re-screw onto other side of the lid.
Lastly, put it all together! Add the bulb, put the lid on the jar, and presto, you have a DIY mason jar drop light!



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