What Do you know about #FrogGigging ?


If you been a reader of this blog, time.

you know I’m interested in survival skills, raising my family right, and serving in the military.

Recently I just got interested in Frog gigging. I’m sure many of you country folk have fond memories of doing this as a child. Personally I grew up in New Jersey, a state that has some of the tightest weapon restrictions in the US and family that did hunt, but luckily for me I met some “Good Ole Boys” while in the military. So how did I learn about this interesting pastime, It was simple a buddy was like you want hunt frogs ? I replied I wanna hunt anything I can and that how the Journey began. Before I even knew what I was getting myself into, I was verbally committed.

Now that I had agreed to do something I never even heard of before, I had to do some research. I grabbed my laptop and visited my buddy Google to find out what this sport was about. Quickly I learned two things that got my attention. It is highly recommended to consume large amounts of alcohol with your friends and that while intoxicated you launched long trident looking spears. 

Obviously I like to drink beer and I always wanted to be a gladiator, so I instantly became excited about this. 20140602-072012-26412065.jpg

If you have frog gigged before you understand exactly what I’m talking about, but if you haven’t we are going to talk about the equipment needed to begin frog gigging.

Equipment needed :

Frog Gig between 3 and 5 prongs20140602-072630-26790981.jpg

4-8 foot adjustable painter pole

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