Is it poaching if your gonna eat it ?

Frog season starts on June 31 in Missouri and I got the inch. The gigs are made, the light is charged. I been driving down the road at night pulling over to hear the uumph sound. Once I hear it I throw on my rubber boots and scout the area.

Over all I feel like an addict, my drug of choice fried frog legs.

My question is , do y’all believe there’s any harm in a pre-season snack ?


Dealing with Bullys


It’s so pathetic how little parents are engaged in their children’s life. Most parents don’t even know or even care that their child is getting bullied in school. It’s like modern society expects the school to take care of our kids, instead of parents doing what is suppose to be done. We put police in schools to “protect” our children, but when the police officer or school administration steps in to correct the child, these shitty parents want to raise all sorts of hell because the police officer or school administrator “crossed the line”. The truth is your being a shitty parent who is failing horribly at life.

Now if you have a little child, the stereo typical template that has been getting picked on for decades or live in a household where their is no parental figure, I understand and empathize with you. The most important thing you can do is raise your child to have self esteem, let them know how handsome/beautiful they are, how smart they are, encourage/make them do sports and extra curricular programs. Learn your children’s interests. Make your kids go outside, allow them to have sleep overs and camp outs in the backyard. Make them join the FFA, Boy scouts, Girl Scouts, and 4H .. let them learn about nature and doing things for themselves.  Take the tv, laptops, cell phones, and tablets out of their hands and let them enjoy the outdoors, take them swimming, play board games. Raise your kids the way grandparents raised you.

Last but not least, if your kid wants to act a fool … ground them, take away the luxuries, ban them from social media sites and if need be spank that ass.